The Place in Between




The Place in Between is about accessing hidden potential.  Exploring seven passions in depth, Helena Phillips writes about a much needed balance. She suggests that living as passionately alive and engaged human beings is hidden within a place of balance and centred relatedness to three aspects of our engagement with life: others, our ability to tolerate intra psychic tension and our need to connect with our often disengaged spirits.  Addressing these three areas will well serve ourselves, our communities and our planet.

The Place in Between provides tools for psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists. It provides hints on parenting. It is book for anyone wanting to live a life of passion. It is written in an easy accessible style with case and life examples relevant to all readers.

The challenge is to take on a productive life.

“In a productive love the calling forth of the other is not controlling or overpowering and it is not a contract where so much is given and received. It requires giving and receiving in a responsive dance where the movements are unknown and the beat changes.”


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