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 “As the sun rose, I stretched out my arms and followed it into the morning.

Pale light leaking across the east coast became tinged with orange and deepened into a brilliant spotlight on the blue sky which lost the dark and came to sing with me.  Torrenclar heard the song and joined it, his deep baritone softened by sadness.  We sang in the morning until the light was bright, and he remembered the way ahead.  I stood beside him radiating affection which overwhelmed and enchanted him.” The Source

Eleven Hundred Sand Dunes  Helena Phillips 2016

About Helena

Inspired by a childhood lost in fantasy, Helena wrote what she describes as rubbish, gave up fantasy, lost part of her soul for a while and then won it all back in creating workshops, teaching psychotherapy, exploring the world of dreams and the unconscious and engaging as a client in several bouts of personal psychotherapy.  She has worked as a psychotherapist for decades always in private practice.  She has a husband, three adult children and lives in Gippsland, Victoria.



“The professional [writer/artist/musician] is acutely aware of the intangibles that go into inspiration.  Out of respect for them, she lets them work.  She grants them their sphere while she concentrates on hers.”     -Stephen Pressfield The War of Art A lifetime of writing leads to a lifetime of exhilaration.  It requires constancy, discipline, dedication and the ability to negotiate the hurdles of self-doubt without collapse.  Any writer who has no doubts is not a true artist.


The right way to wholeness is made up of fatal detours and wrong turnings.”     -C.G.Jung Helena explores wholeness with clients examining the messes we make as we engage in the business of tackling our talents, battles, longings, fears.  Good therapy is a journey where the therapist acts as guide.  It’s a challenging and confronting experience of relationship.


All life is education.  Those who go ahead teach those who come behind, and in the process of the interactions she, the teacher, learns more about herself and the world.  Sometimes these are formal arrangements and sometimes casual encounters.  Both are invaluable. Formal learning stretches the brain and teaches the discipline of thinking.  Casual encounters, mentoring and group work/training are also educational experiences.


by Helena Phillips
“Our rapid information era increasingly encourages us to live by the principle, if it’s worth knowing, you should be able to put the potted version into practice.  If this were true, you could become wise in an instant noodle way; which I don’t recommend.  It might lead to becoming a noodle.  Not much substance.” Helena Phillips   Psychotherapy in Australia


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